Established 1967

In the late sixties, Konrad Meister established a small sales office in the UK to sell the Meister Abrasives range of mounted points. The key to Meister Abrasives early success was recognising a gap in the market and investing in the largest stock of mounted points available in the UK at that time, enabling Master to offer quick deliveries of a variety of high quality mounted points – something we can still do today.

Management buy-out 2012

In December 2012, the UK senior management completed a management buy-out from the Swiss-owned Meister Abrasives group. Approved by the group ownership as mutually beneficial, the independent company is renamed Master Abrasives and will continue to serve the UK with Meister Abrasives products in line with its long-term sole UK distributorship. We also continue to serve the UK industry with and develop on a strong portfolio of products required by the diverse UK market for precision, surface finishing and tool services.