Abrasive Discs

Quick change discs

Master quick change discs are available in 25, 38, 51 and 76mm diameter. A range of discs with the MRD type mounting system is available from stock in a variety of materials.

MRD Type - plastic threaded screw-type mounting system. Also known as ‘Roloc’ style, available from stock

MSD Type - metal-to-metal twist-lock discs mounting system. Also known as ‘Socatt’ style, available upon request

Our rubber holder pads have 6mm spindles for fitting into a tool collet. M10, M14 and 5/8” thread fittings are available upon request.

Coated material - discs made from coated abrasive material consist of a paper/cloth backing bonded to one of the following abrasive grains: 

  • Aluminium Oxide 2 Ply (36-320 grit)
  • Zirconia Alumina 2 Coat (36-120 grit)
  • Ceramic Oxide with Topsize (36-120 grit)
  • Fibre Ceramic Oxide with Topsize (24-120 grit) *only available in 51 & 76mm diameter*
  • Master Ultra Ceramic™ premium grain (36 & 60 grit) *only available in 51 & 76mm diameter* 

Surface conditioning material - consisting of nylon fibres impregnated with abrasive grain woven together. These are available in coarse, medium and fine according to required finish.

Rubber bonded - made with high-quality abrasive grains and fillers bonded with rubber. These discs are available in coarse, medium, fine and superfine and are available in 51 and 76mm diameter.

Unitized specifications - a pressed non-woven material available in Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide abrasives grains in coarse, medium and fine. Unitized discs come in soft, medium, hard and extra hard density and are available in 51 and 76mm diameter.


Designed for fast disc changes in high production operations, Master quick change discs are widely used in many industries including aerospace, fabrication and foundry. They can be used for deburring, blending and finishing, light weld removal and removing imperfections.

For more information, see our application guide on page 2 of our Master quick change discs flyer available for download. 

Master quick change discs are complemented by the cost effective range of ZIPP Group air angle die grinders.

We also offer the Standard Abrasives brand of quick change discs which are available in three attachment styles: TS, TR and TP Systems. For further information on quick change disc systems and grades, see the Standard Abrasives product catalogue and reference guide.

Self-adhesive discs

Our range of self-adhesive discs are from the Norton and sia brands, suitable for a variety of applications.

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