Non-Woven Abrasive Belts

We manufacture non-woven abrasive belts as well as coated abrasive belts on-site at our facility. We can offer a full range of sizes in coarse, medium and very fine materials constructed of resin-reinforced non-woven fibre. These belts resist loading and avoid under-cutting or gouging of the workpiece. The special design exhibits high initial and extended rates of cut, while maintaining superior edge durability. All belts may be used for "low stretch" applications.

  • Deburring: remove large and micro burrs; edge radiusing; removing die cast flashings
  • Blending: mill marks, tool marks and mismatches; reduce uneven edges between adjoining surfaces; reorienting surface scratch patterns; creating a smooth transition from one surface profile to another
  • Cleaning: remove coatings, gaskets and surface discolourations from welds or other work surfaces
  • Finishing: condition grid lines; reduce surface roughness; polish welds prior to inspection; apply cosmetic grain finish

For further information and pricing on our non-woven surface conditioning belts, please contact our customer service team. We can also offer technical advice for your specific applications.