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sia Abrasives is proud of its long standing working relationship with Master Abrasives. They are not only a customer but also a strategic partner in the supply and distribution of sia Abrasives pr...

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About Us

Master Abrasives has been serving the UK’s abrasives needs for over 40 years from its base in Daventry, Northamptonshire.  From 1967 until 2012 we have been under ownership of the Swiss Meister Abrasives group.

Master Abrasives

In 2012 the UK senior management completed a management buy-out from the group.  The independent company is renamed Master Abrasives and will continue to serve the UK with Meister products under a long term sole UK distributorship.  We will also continue to serve our customers with a strong portfolio of products required by the diverse marketplace for precision, surface finishing and tool services.

We have a strategy for business development based around three distinct business units:

  • Master Precision Abrasives (MPA)
  • Master Surface Finishing (MSF)
  • Master Tool Services (MTS)

These business units offer a comprehensive product portfolio and service package designed specifically for the industrial and manufacturing engineering markets.  Serving the UK and worldwide engineering industries for most of our forty year history, we understand what customers require from a modern day supplier of abrasives and allied services.

Working under the International Quality Management System, ISO 9001, we continue to set the high standards that others strive for.  Through the supply of abrasive products designed for highly precise application or finishing process, and tool services that set new standards in the industry, the Master name stands for quality, the same now as it has done for more than four decades.

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Latest News

Master renews its Midlands Aerospace Alliance Membership for 2016-17

Master Abrasives has recently renewed its membership with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance, continuing the focus on the development in the aerospace industry. Download a copy of the official membership certificate here.
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Master strengthens its brand - new logo!

This month, Master is refreshing and updating the company logo along with its abrasives and tool services websites. The new logo is not a dramatic change, however it achieves a much more contemporary look and makes clear the independence of Master.
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Updated ZIPP Air Tools Price List

We are pleased to provide an updated ZIPP Air Tools price list with new tool models added. Download it here.
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