Optical Metrology

The range of measuring equipment by Innovative Automation Products (IAP) includes devices for optical metrology.

Profile projectors are available as vertical, horizontal, slant screen and offset with a 200-1000mm screen diameter.

The IAP vertical profile projector V400-HP with a screen diameter of 400mm will be on display in our showroom. It combines high accuracy optical non-contact measurement and inspection with a measuring range of 250 x 150mm. The vertical light path arrangement is ideally suited for inspection of parts like cutting tool inserts, machined components and shafts weighing up to 10kg. The part can be placed on the work stage and even secured to it using a range of the optional accessories offered.

Geometric data processors and software is offered for profile projectors which are compatible with CAD and can export data to Excel. 

Video vision machines are available in CNC and manual versions for 2D and 3D measurement using a high resolution camera.

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