Superfinishing Spindles

We represent Superfinish Innovation AG, a division of Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH, as their agent in the UK & Ireland. Their superfinishing devices working with tapes or stones are offered for high-precision applications requiring optimum geometry and surface quality. 

The superfinishing process is used in automotive, aerospace and many other markets for improved surface quality of components. Benefits of applying the superfinishing process in manufacturing include reduced workpiece wear, increased percentage contact area, improved energy efficiency and savings in workpiece material and weight.

These devices provide manufacturers with the option to cost-effectively apply precision machining methods to individual parts, small batches and prototypes using an existing supporting machine, e.g. a lathe or grinding machine, and thus to achieve high-quality surfaces and geometric improvements on components such as gear shafts, rolls, piston rods and many others. They can be operated manually or using a programmable control unit, depending on requirements.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration of the SL50 tape finisher at our premises in Daventry and see it in action on Thielenhaus Technologies YouTube channel.

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