Vending Solutions

Vending machines can be used to cost-effectively dispense a wide range of industrial consumables. Whether you require the vending machines alone or our complete vendor managed stock agreement, vending solutions can offer you the follow benefits:

  • 24/7 secure access to inventory
  • Access with pin, RFID, barcode, magnetic reader or QR code
  • More control over withdrawals and accessibility
  • Reduce expenses by up to 30% and eliminate downtime

Machines start at just 805mm wide so can fit in the same workspace items are used in instead of employees having to collect them from stores. They give management full control over distribution of items with the option to set up individual limits for each employee and could result in savings of up to 30%, as well as the benefit of eliminating downtime for workers. 

Fully operating vending machines are available in the UK to demonstrate - contact us to make an appointment or for further information.


We are offering different options for vending machines to suit varying customer needs:

  1. Buy vending machines outright for a one-off charge, allowing a company to fill with products independently.
  2. Rent our vending machines for a set monthly fee. This is available for a minimum of 24 months and makes vending solutions suitable for a range of budgets.
  3. We also offer a complete vendor managed stock agreement, which involves the supply of the abrasives and equipment as well as the vending machines as part of a managed contract. This option means that the customer pays only for the items that are dispensed for production, improving overall cost savings.