New measuring equipment from Master Abrasives

A new range of measuring equipment by Innovative Automation Products is now available in the UK and Ireland from Midlands-based Master Abrasives. The Innovative product range of equipment for the grinding process includes optical, air, co-ordinate and other areas of metrology. A selection of tools will be available for demonstration at the Master grinding and finishing showroom in 2018.

Innovative Automation Products has been designing and manufacturing reliable measuring equipment since its establishment in 1997. The company uses advanced Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), surface mount and hybrid technologies to increase product performance whilst reducing component size and count to keep costs low. State of the art manufacturing and calibration facilities complete their advanced set up in India.

Ian Meredith, Master Abrasives Applications Engineering Manager, says “Adding measuring equipment to our range of products means we can offer a more complete package for the grinding process alongside machines, abrasives and coolant nozzles. I visited Innovative Automation Products premises with Martin Stevens, Applications Engineer, earlier this year and was impressed with their manufacturing capabilities and range of products. As a result, we have agreed to become their official UK and Ireland representatives and our showroom will be equipped with their 2D height gauge, air gauge and profile projector in 2018. These products offer advanced performance for reliable and easy to use measuring in the grinding process.”

Innovative Automation Products offers a 1D and 2D height gauge which are manual or motorised with a measuring length of 325, 625, 1025 or 1150mm. A 3D coordinate measuring machine is also available as manual, motorised or CNC type. The 2D height gauge which will be available to view at Master Abrasives showroom features a colour graphical LCD display. The RS232 data output provides the option of evaluating measurement data externally with SPC software on a PC. A large memory capacity for 50 measuring programs of 800 steps each allows increased measurement efficiency.

The air gauges by Innovative Automation Products offer high accuracy and repeatability. They are available with single or multi-channel and single or double displays. The double channel single display air gauge with an RS 232 port for the computer interface will be available at the Master grinding and finishing showroom for demonstration.

Both vertical and horizontal profile projectors are available from Innovative Automation Products. The Innovative V400-HP profile projector with a screen diameter of 400mm will be on display in Master Abrasives showroom. It combines high accuracy optical non-contact measurement and inspection with a measuring range of 250 x 150mm. The vertical light path arrangement is ideally suited for inspection of parts like cutting tool inserts, machined components and shafts weighing up to 10kg. The part can be placed on the work stage and even secured to it using a range of the optional accessories offered.

Ian Meredith concludes, “We continually develop our product range to provide solutions for industry and offer technical support to help customers to improve productivity. Our applications team can assess the manufacturing process and advise the best products for the quality control requirements in precise applications.”