HPL Technology for Creep-Feed Grinding

An anti-friction bond technology developed by Meister Abrasives has helped to reduce cycle time and eliminate burn in a high production creep-feed grinding application.

Meister Abrasives worked closely in this case with their customer, a manufacturer of large volumes of planer knives for the woodworking industry, who requested assistance with their grinding process. The current process utilised a creep-feed grinding setup with vitrified CBN wheels from another manufacturer. There were two key issues to address. First, the customer wished to increase capacity with a reduction in cycle time. Secondly, they were fighting sporadic burning of the parts, which was only exasperated by their attempts to increase their feed rates to speed up the process.

After a careful analysis, Meister engineers introduced the newest High Performance Lubrication (HPL) technology, combining premium grade CBN crystals with a durable, porous, and intrinsically lubricated bonding matrix. HPL technology was tailor-made for this application, and resulted in a faster, cooler, and more efficient grinding process. The customer was able to speed up the cycle by 33% with no burning of the parts.

Below is a summary of the process and the results.


Planer Knives High Speed Steel approx. 500 pieces/day


Creep-feed grinding


Lodi – IMZ



Grinding Speed

32 m/s

Grinding Wheel

450 x 30mm HPL Vitrified CBN 140-mesh


Diamond profile roll

Stock Removal

3mm in one pass


• Cycle time reduced from 15-min to 10-min
• Burning Eliminated

Meister remains at the forefront of vitrified bonded technology and this development helps to ensure customers achieve optimum productivity. Master Abrasives as the UK representative for Meister offers this as a solution alongside the Master range of abrasive products.