Vitrified Bond Conventional Abrasives

Vitrified bonds are made from clays, feldspar and other fusible materials in a carefully monitored process. Wheels which use this bond have a porous structure and are fired in kilns with temperatures exceeding 1000C. The porosity and strength of these wheels make them ideal for high stock removal applications. Added to this, vitrified bonded wheels have a high modulus of elasticity and this rigidity makes them suitable for precision grinding applications.

Internal Wheels

As the UK agent for Meister Abrasives products, we offer an extensive range of precision internal grinding wheels in vitrified bond. Manufactured by Meister in Switzerland, they are available with a plain bore or mounted on a spindle of threaded shank.

Grinding Wheels & Stones

Our MASTER® grinding wheels and stones are available in numerous engineered abrasive grains and bonds to suit your application. Our products are sold into many varied precision application accounts around the world including aerospace, automotive, medical, tooling and toolroom as a cost-effective solution. Our technical sales team is also available to discuss and assess your requirements.

Dressing Stones

MASTER® dressing stone range is available in range of grades and sizes. The stones are manufactured from high-purity white aluminum oxide abrasive and are particularly designed for dressing superabrasive Diamond and CBN resin bonded wheels. The frequent use of the correctly chosen Master stone enables you to optimise the life of your wheels, resulting in consistency in grinding and minimal heat generation.

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