Bespoke Coolant Nozzle Systems

After assessment of the grinding processes, bespoke designs for unique grinding machines can also be offered to meet clearly defined objectives. Cool-Grind offers auditing of existing coolant systems for flow, pressure, nozzle efficiency & filtration. This together with our grinding expertise makes for a dynamic solutions based partnership, resulting in machining for grinding faster, achieving better product quality, experiencing reduced tool wear, and minimising the flowrate and size of the filter unit.

Products offered include:

  • Grind-Loc Modular Hose System
  • Grind-Loc Assemblies
  • Nozzle Tube Systems
  • Donut Manifold System
  • Generic nozzles
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Donut Manifolds & Nozzles for Specific Grinding Machines
  • Creep-Feed and Gear Grinding Nozzle Systems
  • Cylindrical and Centreless OD Grinding Nozzle Systems
  • Cylindrical ID Grinding Nozzle Systems
  • Laser Aligning System & Adapters

Please contact our customer service team for more information. Our technical team can also offer you applications support and advice, finding the best solution to your processes.

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