Superfinishing Products

During grinding, extreme heat and aggressive stock removal often alters microstructure and base metal hardness. This creates slight dimensional and surface imperfections such as smeared peaks, waviness and chatter. Superfinishing, a low temperature, low stock removal process, improves part geometry and surface finish by removing the amorphous layer formed during the grinding process. This dramatically improves these imperfections, which can compromise part quality and performance.

The significant benefits of the superfinishing process include:

  • Longer part life
  • Decreased wear rates
  • Higher load bearing surfaces
  • Quieter performing parts
  • Improved sealing capabilities
  • Elimination of the “break in” period
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Achieve surface finishes as fine as 0.012um

We provide a range of stones used in through feed processes to finish cylindrical parts such as tapered rollers, piston pins, shock absorber rods, shafts and needles. As well as this, we offer stones with special radii and features appropriate for plunge processes commonly used to finish surfaces of irregular shaped parts. In addition, wheels for flat or spherical superfinishing processes are also available.

Working alongside our partners, we offer abrasive lapping film, microfinishing film and slurries for a range of demanding surface finishing applications to ensure an accurate, fine finish is produced each time.