Microdiamant Products

Master Abrasives is the UK and Ireland representative for the range of diamond products for fine grinding, lapping and polishing applications manufactured by Microdiamant AG, based in Lengwil, Switzerland.

Micron Diamond Powders are for the superfinishing of hard materials with demanding specifications for surface quality and dimensional accuracy. Micron Diamond Powders are offered in a comprehensive product range in micron and sub-micron size range, and in synthetic and natural diamond.

Diamond slurries are offered for various industries, ideal for lapping and polishing of hard materials. Microdiamant offer both engineered and ready-to-use diamond slurries. Engineered slurries offer flexibility to adapt to the exact product needs to achieve optimal performance, process stability and cost-effectiveness. Ready-to-use diamond slurries combine highest-level of precision graded micron diamond sizes with chemical formulations designed to offer exceptional removal rate and surface quality. They also enable customers to achieve high performance but help to minimise total process cost.

We also offer the following precision grinding and polishing products by Microdiamant:

  • Liquid diamond GAF’s
  • Diamond compounds
  • Diamond grinding pads
  • Composite polishing pads
  • Metallography products 

See our YouTube channel for videos of Microdiamant products.