Buff & Blend Products


Buff & Blend discs are available in quick change style,  hook & loop style, with centre hole or as type 27 discs, depending on the grade and application.

  • Flexible GP material conforms to contour, radius and I.D. areas
  • HS is the best material for light deburring and finishing applications
  • HP material's durable construction is aggressive and withstands heavy edge work while deburring
  • AP is tough cutting and aggressive for medium duty cleaning, yet soft and pliable to conform to irregular surfaces


Buff & Blend wheels are available on shanks or with threaded eyelet.

  • GP wheels are permanently affixed to shank and are well-suited for fast removal of rust, oxidisation and scale, as well as cleaning, polishing and high lustre finishing
  • GP circle buffs are held together with a threaded eyelet
  • Combi-Wheels are permanently affixed to shank and are well-suited for blending and finishing on ferrous and non-ferrous materials when a linear scratch pattern is required and final finish is a primary concern
  • Mounted Flap brushes are available mandrel mounted and suitable for removing surface contaminants such as rust and grease without eliminating critical detail or gouging the workpiece
  • Mini brushes are the fast, easy way to restore finishes to their original condition
  • Flap brushes produce a consistent finish when removing burrs, oxidisation and handling marks

Cross Buffs

Cross Buffs are ideal for polishing and cleaning inside diameters and hard-to-reach areas on metal surfaces. Its unique design conforms to I.D.s. Perfect for automotive and other applications including:

  • Durable construction withstands heavy edge work while blending and polishing; long life
  • Extended duration and rate of cut
  • Cool running
  • Satin finishes on soft metals
  • Eliminates changing critical tolerances
  • Quick to change


Used with vibratory orbital and straight-line sanders, to produce matte and satin finishes. Rolls are also cut to size and used by hand or to finish a part turning on a lathe or spindle.

  • Available in widths to fit most power sanders
  • Waterproof; may be used with lubricants
  • Resists loading; no metal contamination to workpiece

See the Standard Abrasives catalogue for further information or contact our customer service team.

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