Surface Conditioning Products

Surface conditioning products provide a more compact structure of non-woven fibers than Buff & Blend products. They have a woven fabric embedded in the nylon structure to provide additional strength and durability for edge work, deburring and efficient blending of all metal types.

Abrasive belts

We manufacture surface conditioning abrasive belts on-site at our facility in Standard Abrasives materials. Constructed of resin-reinforced non-woven fiber, these belts resist loading and avoid under-cutting or gouging of the workpiece. The special design exhibits high initial and extended rates of cut, while maintaining superior edge durability. All belts may be used for “low stretch” applications.

Surface Conditioning

We provide surface conditioning discs in the quick change formats TS, TR and TP in various materials to suit different applications. These are also available with vacuum holes for use on tools equipped with dust extraction systems. Surface conditioning discs are also available with a hook & loop style attachment .

Edge Pro Discs

Pre-formed 90°, bottle-cap shape adapts easily to corners, irregular shapes and inside radii of any part being finished. Unique shape prevents damaging, gouging or changing the work surface. Save time and eliminate steps in blending, removing micro-burrs, and reducing surface roughness for paint preparation. Available in TS and TR attachment styles for easy disc changes.

Flap discs

The surface conditioning flap disc are best for deburring, edge breaking, blending, cleaning, finishing and polishing after grinding has been done with a resin fibre or flap disc on aluminium, steel and titanium. The overlapping flaps provide several layers of abrasives for increased durability and enhanced cut rate.

  • Mounted on a firm phenolic plate produces cushioned effect for blending
  • Type 29 shape with 6° taper increases stock removal
  • Constructed for long life, flexibility, load-resistance and increased stock removal

For further information, please see the Standard Abrasives product catalogue & reference guide or contact our customer service team.

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