Lap Mops

Lap mops consist of discs of non-woven nylon, coated with aluminium oxide abrasive.


Master lap mops are manufactured at our facility in Northamptonshire in a standard range of sizes and number of laps, as well as bespoke to customer requirements.

Our lap mops are available in different grades, they have many applications and the flexibility of the material means they can be used on curved surfaces.


Lap mops are well-suited for use on metals but can also be used on wood. The coarse grade is most aggressive, removing paint and heavy rust from metal. Medium and finer grades are also suitable for cleaning tools that have become rusty.

The most common applications for Master lap mops are on metals for producing a satin or matt finish, or smoothing and preparing the surface prior to the final polishing stage.



Master Product Range brochure

Master Product Range brochure

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