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15.09.2020 - Top Performing Resin Fibre Discs from Deerfos

Deerfos’ Bora9 resin fibre discs have proved to offer extended product life as well as a competitive cost price in a recent comparison test against a leading brand of discs being used at a Midlands-based manufacturer.

BORA9 Deerfos Resin Fibre DiscThe test was conducted with Deerfos’ Bora9 discs in size 115 x 22mm, in 36 grit. They were compared to the discs currently used by the manufacturer to deburr stainless steel exhausts. The Bora9 disc offered the highest productivity with double the product life.

Sean Rowell, Master Abrasives Technical Sales Representative, was on site to aid in conducting these tests. He commented: “The product life of the Deerfos discs surpassed the previous brands by double, which is a real plus for operators saving time on applications such as smoothing welds. It not only saves manufacturing time but reduces overall costs. The Bora9 is definitely a product worth trying in manufacturers looking to improve productivity.”

The Bora9 resin fibre-backed disc uses a ceramic grain and features a supersized coating with active filler which significantly reduces heat generation and helps prevent burning. Bora9 discs are ideally suited for medium to heavy stock removal on hard to grind alloys and as such are ideally suited for dressing stainless steel welds. Benefits include excellent stock removal, high grinding performance, reduced heat generation and improved productivity. The discs are available from Master Abrasives in diameters 115, 125 and 175mm in various grit sizes.

Master Abrasives have been UK distributors for Deerfos products since their partnership began in 2018. Master Abrasives technical sales team can help give advice on application requirements and provide free trials of Deerfos Bora9 discs from stock as well as other grades of discs available in the Deerfos range.

10.09.2020 - Cancellation of our stand at GrindTec 2020

It is with great regret that we have cancelled our stand at GrindTec 2020. With concerns for ability to travel and the welfare of our employees, we’re confident that we’ve made the right decision and we plan to be at the next GrindTec International Trade Fair for Grinding Technology.

You can also look forward to seeing us at MACH 2021 where we will be exhibiting at the NEC, Birmingham from 25-28th January, showing a range of machinery and equipment from companies such as Micromatic Grinding Technologies, Alex Machine Tools and Innovative Automation Products. Read our news article dated 20.02.20 for more information.

03.09.2020 - UK Representation of Meister & Schmeier Abrasives coming to a close

After a long and close relationship we have made the decision to end our partnership with Meister and Schmeier in the UK on the 30th Sept 2020.  Although this was a difficult decision after many years of working together and representing them, we concluded, that we needed more flexibility to develop our own strategies and products within our portfolio especially with regards to the Master branded range of products.  


We will continue to support and accept orders for Meister or Schmeier products up till and including the 30th Sept. Any stock that we hold for our customers, we will also honour these commitments until stocks have been exhausted and of course we will in that period continue to offer our excellent service and support.  

We enter a new phase in our development and plan to offer much more to our customer base with a broad comprehensive range of quality products that offer cost effective solutions to your applications through our own Master brand. We thank you for your business and support in recent years and hope we can develop even more highly productive solutions for your needs, whether high precision or more general-purpose abrasives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or applications you would like to review.  

01.09.2020 - Top Performing Discs From Rhodius

In a recent side by side test of five leading brands of grinding discs conducted at a manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust systems, Rhodius was the top-performing disc providing twenty-five-percent more cuts per disc on average.

Rhodius Alphaline Range

Sean Rowell, who recently joined Master Abrasives as Technical Sales Representative, was on site to aid in conducting these tests on 1.5mm thick stainless-steel sheet essential for the manufacture of exhaust systems. The discs were all tested on the same 240V electric angle grinder and included the Rhodius XT70 Alphaline disc which proved to be the top-performing disc with the lowest cost-per-cut and highest productivity.

Sean commented, “The operator’s favourite disc was the Rhodius Alphaline as it was consistent through its cutting life and gave reduced burrs and more consistent and better-quality parts compared to the other discs. Added to the very reasonable cost price, this was overall the best disc for this customer.

“The XT70 Alphaline range of products by Rhodius is a reliable cutting disc for the cost-conscious professional. It is ideal for low-power machines, with little burr formation and a high cutting rate but fewer sparks. This disc is suitable for steel and stainless steel and is available from 100 to 150mm diameter in 1 or 1.5mm thickness.” Rhodius Grinding Disc

“When comparing with the other brands, we noticed that the first disc wore quickly with inefficient results. The second disc was better, but it was hard and bounced. The third was very soft and again wore quickly.” explains Sean.

“The fourth was the customer’s usual disc and performed well but is expensive. Clearly, the Rhodius discs surpassed expectations, gave the right life at the right price and will be the new favourite for their manufacturing process of exhaust systems.”

Master Abrasives were appointed UK representatives of Rhodius Schleifwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG in 2018. Rhodius cut-off wheels provide an outstanding price-performance ratio, offering solutions for cut-off applications in the fabrication and foundry sectors as well as general industry. Master’s technical sales team can recommend to customers the best products to suit the application and production requirements, guiding them through product trials when the assistance is required.

20.07.2020 - Master and Micromatic offer special discounts to celebrate 4-year partnership

To celebrate four years of partnership, Master Abrasives and Micromatic Grinding Technologies have teamed up to offer special discounts on grinding machines. 

Kapil Dhand, Managing Director of Micromatic Grinding Technologies Pvt Ltd and Paul Batson, Managing Director of Master AbrasivesIn this celebratory special offer for UK customers, the company is giving 10% discount on hydraulic-powered machinery and 15% discount on CNC grinding machines from 20th July to 31st August 2020. Two machines are stocked and available for quick delivery from Master Abrasives’ facility in Northamptonshire: the eco 200 cylindrical grinder and the PLUTO-18 CNC grinder.

As the UK representatives of Micromatic Grinding Technologies, Master Abrasives introduced their cylindrical, centreless and special purpose machinery in 2016 to complete their solutions for precision grinding applications. The first machine installed in Master Abrasives demonstration area was an eco 200 grinding machine, a cylindrical grinding machine ideal for small precision components up to 200mm diameter in low to medium production batches. This model has the advantage of a small footprint, is low cost and can hold tight tolerances.

The eco 200 U grinding machine available from stock and for demonstration at Master Abrasives facility in DaventryFast forward to now, Micromatic grinding machines are operating in many engineering firms throughout the country. The eco 200 was the first machine to be installed at Earlsdon Technology, who were looking for a cost-effective means to provide the in-house service of customised tooling. Master Abrasives has also worked with Border Ballistics Technologies, who were increasing their production output of gunsmith tooling. A leading manufacturer of tooling components, Boneham and Turner, replaced two grinding machines with the eco 200 U as they celebrated their centenary year. Cengar Air Saws production department introduced their Micromatic grinding machine to produce parts for tools and improve delivery demands. 

Paul Batson, Managing Director, commented: “Since this partnership began, we’ve seen many milestones in the company. We have celebrated 50 years of trading, set up a dedicated applications engineering team and started our own initiative in video marketing. We’re delighted to be partnered with Micromatic who have similar plans for growth and an excellent reputation for their social responsibility activities, especially in recent times with their efforts to support their local customers and community.”

The PLUTO-18 CNC grinder available from stock and for demonstration at Master Abrasives facility in DaventryAt MACH 2018, Master Abrasives exhibited for the first time in several years with the Micromatic eco 200 machine in the spotlight on their stand. The event was key to increasing awareness of the new name of machinery available to the UK and it led to new opportunities.  Therefore, at MACH 2021, they will be exhibiting an extended range of machinery with the CNC machine, PLUTO-18, as the highlight. This machine focuses on compactness and high-performance.

After a successful machinery launch in the UK and the establishment of Master Abrasives Polska, in 2019, the company was appointed representative for Micromatic Grinding Technologies in Poland. National Sales Manager, Slawomir Klisiewicz, offers full support for applications and has many years’ experience in the abrasives industry.

Other future plans include producing videos to show the machines in operation at Master Abrasives facility. Further videos filmed by the Micromatic Grinding Technologies team are already available to view on Master Abrasives’ YouTube channel. 

Paul concludes, “We’re confident that we can provide the best of precision grinding technology in one place. With our partner’s innovative products, our own range of Master precision grinding products and a dedicated, knowledgeable team to support customers, we’re proud to offer a first-rate service and provide solutions for industry.”

06.07.2020 - Master Abrasives’ new corporate video

Master Abrasives has released a corporate video which explains who they are and features employees from its different departments.

The new three minute video filmed before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic provides insight on what’s important to the organisation – providing a safe and friendly work environment, giving good customer service and offering specific technical applications support. It also shows how the company encourages training for staff including apprenticeships, all with the ultimate objective of providing optimum solutions according to customer needs.

Noora Kauppi, Marketing Manager, explains: “We recognise that social media and video marketing is vital to our communication strategy to promote our products and help educate and inform our customers. Following the recent launch of a new website and striving to keep our social media updates regular, videos fit in perfectly with the modernised brand for Master Abrasives.”

The opening scene of Master Abrasives’ corporate videoTo open the video, viewers see Master Abrasives premises as Managing Director Paul Batson talks about the company and its philosophy. The customer service team is shown working hard at “listening to [their] customers and making sure that they are getting the best solution”. Paul emphasizes their aim is to provide complete solutions for customers, “whether they’ve got a problem and they come to us or if it’s an existing application that we look at to try and improve to give them cost savings.”

Other facilities in the video include the demonstration room where members of the applications engineering team are shown utilising the measuring equipment as they analyse a precision dressing disc. Then, alongside footage of abrasives, tool services and their machinery in action, Paul describes how the product offering is divided into three main categories: abrasive consumables, new tools and tool servicing and machinery and equipment.

Andy Wright, Sales and Business Development Manager explains how a wide product portfolio allows the company to appeal to a “diverse customer base with a wide range of applications… from deburring or finishing turbine blades to precision grinding of gears or automotive products, all the way through to superfinishing of components for the bearing and medical industry.”

The video features some employees from the company’s different departments, including the Customer Service team In the video, viewers will see Customer Service Manager Andrew Davidson (AJ) working with his team as he describes the strong relationships Master Abrasives has developed with its customers. AJ relates how many companies have been customers “for years and even decades”. These customers know that the team has the “knowledge and the experience to offer the professional service they require.”


Noora Kauppi, Marketing Manager shows some of the reviews Master Abrasives has received on social media as she describes the various platforms used as a way to “listen and engage with customers”, something they strive for as a marketing-orientated company.

The technical engineering team is described by Ian Meredith, Applications Engineering Manager. Ian explains that within his team, the company has “four people on the road with a combined experience of over 100 years”, something invaluable to customers requiring technical advice for challenging applications.

Finance Director, Jamie Ward enlightens viewers about some of the changes Master Abrasives has experienced since becoming an independent company in 2012, including “a really exciting period of growth” which is “demonstrated by continued investment, not just in the company in the UK, but around the world.”

The video also shows the areas that Master Abrasives is operating in on a world map, covering their subsidiary companies and appointed distributors. This is tied in with footage of the company’s own brand of abrasive products, the Master range, which “offers customers quality products at affordable prices.”

Viewers will see the Coated Production and Masterflex Departments in actionViewers will also get a glimpse of Master Abrasives apprentices as Carl Lewington, Operations Manager explains their roles. Lee is working in the tool services department to “learn how to repair tools and electrical elements”, whilst manufacturing apprentice James has learnt “all the aspects of manufacturing”, including the coated belts facility which he shows in action.


Concluding the video, Paul Batson, Managing Director describes the “family feel” work environment that Master Abrasives has encouraged despite its growth. “Being MD”, Paul recognises that it’s the testimony of the employees that gives proof of the positive company culture. At this point in the video, staff talk about how they feel about being part of the team. Comments on their favourite thing about working at the company include the “teamwork throughout the company”, how “it feels like a family-run business” and a “good team ethic… from the top down”.

In the final scenes, the audience can find out how long some of Master Abrasives employees have been working with the company. This varies from two and a half weeks to 34 years for the staff featured at this point in the video, demonstrating the variety of skills and experience the team has.

Take a look at Master Abrasives new video on their YouTube channel or their new website “About” page. Follow Master Abrasives across their social media channels to keep up to date on new videos and company developments and look out for the “outtakes” from the corporate video.


25.06.2020 - New Technical Sales Representative at Master Abrasives

Sean Rowell, Technical Sales RepresentativeSean Rowell has joined Master Abrasives team as a Technical Sales Representative for the South East and East coast.

With a background in the abrasives industry and a wealth of experience within both bonded and coated abrasives, Sean will be providing commercial and technical support for customers during this short-term situation. He will work along side Andy Wright, Sales and Business Development Manager to help customers improve productivity and quality in their manufacturing processes.

Andy and Sean will initially focus of their efforts on coated abrasive products such as Master converted coated belts, as well as cutting and grinding discs. The reliable Rhodius grinding and cutting products offer a great price/performance ratio for cost-conscious professionals. Deerfos high-quality flap discs, velcro-backed discs and fibre discs are also available for a range of applications.

Customers can get in touch with Master Abrasives team at to discuss improving productivity with Master’s experts.

01.06.2020 - Master Abrasives launches new website

Master Abrasives has launched an updated website combining their three business areas of abrasives, tools and machinery and equipment into one user-friendly and modern site.

The marketing team has been working on making the site more user friendly and highlighting information that is relevant for customers and for those exploring its solutions. The new menu structure should make it easier to find whatever a user is looking for within the Master Abrasives website.

Noora Kauppi, Marketing Manager, explained: “Previously, we had the tool services and abrasives websites on separate domains, but combining them into one site means that users can find the information they’re looking for on our products and services easier. We’ve defined the three areas we cater for which are abrasives, tools, and machinery and equipment; each is as important as the next so they all have their own prominent heading when you enter the site.”

On the homepage, the website has kept the sleek and simple concept that users love, but an updated image-based design guides you through the site’s features including the three product areas and news pages. ‘Videos’ is a new section on the site which will soon be populated with a range of Master Abrasives product and other videos.

Some new pages have been added to provide helpful content within the ‘about’ section, including a page on the Master brand containing all the product brochures. Having built the brand and developed the range in the past few years, the company is keen to promote their cost-effective range of abrasive products and finishing media. On the Technical Applications Support page within this section, visitors can learn about the applications engineering team and its leader, Ian Meredith, and how they work with customers to improve productivity. There’s also a specific page for Material Safety Data Sheets, making it easy for Master Abrasives distributors and end-users to work safely in line with REACH Regulations.
A new section called Business Solutions has been added besides the ‘about’ heading and this is split into Case Studies, Consignment Stock and Vending Solutions, providing details on the application and stock solutions Master Abrasives offers.

The enhanced product section split into three has been reorganised and simplified for visitors to find their required information. A few new features include a helpful image-based menu, case studies shown directly on the product page where available and useful links to related products or content within the site.

To support its export initiative, Master Abrasives website still has sections available in other languages with specific pages so far for Mexico, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey and the United States. These pages direct the visitor to the Master Abrasives distributor for further local support and where appropriate have a list of products in the relevant language.

With their new website and all upcoming projects in 2020, Master Abrasives will continue to support its customers and prioritise their needs to provide ultimate solutions.

20.02.2020 - Master Abrasives exhibiting at MACH 2021

Master Abrasives will be exhibiting at the renowned MACH exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham from 25-28th January 2021 alongside its partners, Micromatic Grinding Technologies, Alex Machine Tools and Innovative Automation Products.

MACH is bringing an array of new technologies and machinery demonstrated under power, including two machines on Master Abrasives' stand #650 in Hall 6: the PLUTO-18 by Micromatic Grinding Technologies and the NH-500 by Alex Machine Tools. These grinding machines will be dry cycling on the stand alongside a display of height and air gauges from the range of measuring equipment by Innovative Automation Products.

Ian Meredith, Applications Engineering Manager and stand manager for Master Abrasives comments: “This year at MACH we have a wider range of machinery and equipment available and our expertise is even stronger. This is why we’ve gone for a larger stand this year and made sure we have a prominent location on a main aisle in Hall 6. Our team will be ready to answer any application questions and arrange for a full grinding demonstration back in Master Abrasives showroom.”

Master Abrasives team at MACH is led by Ian Meredith who has many years’ experience in a range of applications. Kelly Warrington, Customer Services Team Leader who provides vital assistance from the office for applications engineering will also be there to offer support. Paul Batson, Managing Director, Andy Wright Business Development and Sales Manager and Noora Kauppi, Marketing Manager will also be joining the team. Slawomir Klisiewicz, National Sales Manager at Master Abrasives Polska is also planning to support the team during the exhibition week. There will be representatives from some of the company’s partners available to discuss their products and applications at the show too.

PLUTO-18 is a PLUTO-18 Grinding MachineCNC grinder specially designed by Micromatic Grinding Technologies to focus on compactness, high-performance and provide an economical grinding solution. It is best suited to produce highly accurate small components and can perform both plunge and traverse grinding operations. The effective guarding design makes it ‘total productive maintenance” (TPM) friendly and its standard configuration makes it adaptable for factory automation too.

A few features of PLUTO-18 are that it’s suitable for batch production of shaft type components with a maximum wheel outer diameter of 400mm (and width 50mm). A rigid anti-friction wheel head is utilised for better geometrical accuracies and an integrated table provides higher rigidity. PLUTO 18 measures only 1.66m (W) X 2.2m (D), which can help to save nearly 30% space compared to the footprint of a similar hydraulic grinder. Its customised user-friendly graphics screen helps ease in machine setting and operation.

NH-500 Alex Surface Grinder

NH-500 is a surface grinder by Alex Machine Tools which aims preserve precision through the life of the machine, providing superior stability even at extreme ends of working range. It is specially suited for quick flat grinding of workpieces and has a maximum wheel outer diameter of 200mm (and width 50mm). Surface grinding models are available with the option for CNC controls for automatic grinding cycle including wheel dressing and can be customised for specific application needs.

The measuring equipment by Innovative Automation Products will be available for viewing at the Master Abrasives stand as the appointed UK and Ireland representatives. This will include a 2D height gauge, air gauge and profile projector which are also in Master Abrasives showroom. The RS232 data output feature on this equipment provides the option of evaluating measurement data externally with SPC software on a PC.

To complete an exhibit of cost-effective, high-productive solutions at MACH 2020, a range of abrasives for grinding and finishing will be shown by Master Abrasives including their own Master range of grinding wheels and dressing tools.

Ian Meredith concludes, “We have a dedicated applications engineering team available to provide technical advice at MACH. We can present a cost-effective, high-productive solution including the machine, the right abrasives, coolant nozzles and dressers for a high-quality finished part.”

This article was updated 12/03/2020. Exhibition dates were changed from 20-24th April (2020) to 25-28th January 2021.

21.01.2020 - Master Abrasives exhibiting at GrindTec 2020

As of 10/09/20, we decided to cancel our plans to exhibit at GrindTec 2020 with concerns for ability to travel and employee welfare. 

Slawomir and Paul BatsonMidlands-based Master Abrasives will be exhibiting the full range of Master® products at the 2020 GrindTec exhibition in Germany alongside its sister company, Master Abrasives Polska.

Representatives from both companies will be available on stand 5122 in Hall 5 from 10-13th of November to talk about the complete range of abrasives from the Master brand and how these products can improve productivity in various applications. Products being exhibited include high-quality grinding wheels and a brand new range of heavy duty (HD) burrs.

The new Master HD cut burrs are ideal for working on aluminium and non-ferrous materials. They give excellent stock removal, are good for blending cast lines and have a low-vibration, smooth running performance. This range will be stocked in a range of suitable sizes and will be available to view on the stand at GrindTec.

 Master Abrasives have been experts in grinding solutions for Master Grinding Wheelsmany years and their display of grinding wheel options at GrindTec will be tailored to a variety of industries including aerospace, oil and gas and automotive. They offer a full range of grades in vitrified and resin bonds and specially designed products such as SAWPRO grinding wheels for cool cutting action when sharpening circular saws.

Paul Batson, Managing Director of Master Abrasives, commented: “Since exhibiting at GrindTec in 2018, we have rebranded all our brochures including our Master brand brochure to fit our modernised brand and these will be available for visitors to take away. I’m confident that we will come across even more opportunities this year tNew HD Burrso make the Master brand even better known internationally.”

Now with a sister company set up in Poland, Katowice, Master Abrasives can offer even better solutions for industry to manufacturers in Poland. Slawomir Klisiewicz is leading the new company in Poland as National Sales Manager. He has many years of experience in the abrasives industry and will be available to discuss customer requirements at GrindTec 2020. He is also responsible for the organisation of sales and logistics as well as cooperating with new and existing customers in Poland.

Paul concluded, “After over 50 years of successful trading, we have the experience needed to match the application with the most effective process and products. We have used our knowledge to develop the products in the Master brand, which is now recognised internationally for high-quality abrasives. We look forward to working with new potential distributors on helping customers to improve productivity in other parts of the world following the GrindTec show.”

This article was updated 05/03/2020. Exhibition dates were changed from 18-21st March to 10-13th of November 2020.

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