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Now only £16 995*

Alex NH500 PLC reciprocating surface grinder with a quick delivery from our premises in Daventry.  

Features & Benefits

     - Grinding area 500mm x 250mm  

     - 200mm diameter wheel and 300mm max height 

     - Moving column design for maximum rigidity 

     - Hydraulically operated reciprocating table 

     - Easy to use PLC control for accurate and reliable process control  

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End of Contract, Ex-demo SL50 TAPE FINISHER

Now only £ 4 995*

Thielenhaus SL50 tape superfinishing attachment with a quick delivery from our premises in Daventry.

Features & Benefits

    - Complete with Automatic control box and tape breakage sensor 

    - Manual, semi-auto or fully automatic processes 

    - Accurate control over pressure, oscillation and tape speed 

    - Easy to retrofit onto a lathe or grinding machine for full process control  

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*Please contact us for full details. Offers valid for November 2023. Limited availability.

02.11.2023 - Master Reveals Four Benefits of MVK-Line Micro-Motors

At the start of 2023, Master Abrasives became the UK & Ireland distributor for MVK-Line, promoting their innovative range of micro-motors and battery powered hand tools. After ten months of successful customer trials, including in large aerospace manufacturers, Master has revealed four distinct areas of benefit for the range.

MVK-Line’s systems have been cleverly designed to complete the finest jobs effortlesslyMVK-Line are a German manufacturer of high-quality electric tooling systems, whose equipment can offer substantial benefits to the manufacturing sectors. With a range of micro-motors and hand pieces suitable for use with shank-mounted abrasive consumables and the Airliner-ONE battery powered hand tools specially designed and approved for spot finishing and hole deburring in aerospace industry, the range is an ideal fit with the Master Abrasives portfolio. 

The build quality of MVK-Line products is exceptionally high, which is evident as soon as you pick up a hand piece, whilst the power and torque generated by the controller unit and hand pieces is higher than other similar equipment in the marketplace. MVK-Line offers an array of hand pieces available with variable speeds, ranging from 2,000RPM up to 80,000RPM. The brand new M4 hand piece is pencil grinder sized and very lightweight, running up to 70,000RPM, while the larger more powerful M11 hand piece runs up to 30,000RPM and can fit either a 3mm or 6mm collet.

MVK tools reduce overall manufacturing costsMaster have been carrying out trial work across the UK in leading aerospace and casting companies. Andy Wright, National Business Development Manager for Master, stated: “The feedback on the MVK micro-motors has been very positive and initial scepticism by some in using a new method was short-lived, disappearing as soon as they used the system.” During the trialling process, four distinct areas of benefit that this equipment offers became apparent.

1.    Health & safety: very low hand arm vibration levels [HAVS] due to the high-quality bearings and highly balanced spindles; the hand pieces are significantly quieter than their pneumatic counterparts; also, operations are safer and cleaner with no lubricants leaking and spraying over components, workstations or operators. The clear digital display and easy control of the variable speed also allows operators to run their consumables at or below the maximum operating speed.

2.    Energy savings: the high costs of generating compressed air makes it one of the most expensive forms of power, with leaks between the compressor and power tools adding even more to the costs incurred. In one comparison test, a 95% saving against compressed air was calculated when using the MVK micro-motors.

3.    Efficiency / performance: the increased and consistent torque, with no drop off in power or speed as the abrasive consumable meets the work piece, enables the maximum performance of the consumable. This, in conjunction with the variable speed feature, allows the consumable to run at its optimum speed, increasing the life of the consumables and improving its performance further still. One leading aerospace manufacturer identified a 50% increase in consumables life compared to those used in the equivalent air tool. The variable speed also means one hand piece can replace any number of air tools running at the different required speeds.

4.    Service / repair costs: Compressed air lines, if not properly maintained and clean, can damage the internal mechanisms of pneumatic tools - leading to regular and expensive service/repair costs. With no airlines required and as MVK hand pieces have a significantly lower number of wear parts compared to pneumatic tools, the periods between services can be considerably longer and bring the service costs down, as well as ensuring that tools give optimum productivity.  Master Abrasives fully support the range by offering servicing and repair of the MVK range at their repair facility in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

If you would like to explore the potential benefits of working with Master Abrasives and the MVK micro-motors and equipment, contact them and take the first step to improving your productivity. 

10.10.2023 - Daventry Town FC home ground renamed as Master Abrasives Stadium

We are happy to announce that as part of our partnership with Daventry Town FC, the home ground has now been renamed as Master Abrasives Stadium.

Paul Batson, Managing Director of Master Abrasives, stated: “We are really pleased and happy to be supporting such a great local club that works so hard to support the community and gives an opportunity for all ages to play football. When the chance came to further develop that support by renaming the ground, we jumped at the opportunity. We hope everyone enjoys their visit to the Master Abrasives Stadium and the club continues to go from strength to strength.”

Master Abrasives Stadium

28.09.2023 - January 2024 Price Increase

We will be implementing a general price increase of 5% from the 1st January 2024. Below the price increase letter by our Managing Director Paul Batson:

Price increase letter 2024

30.08.2023 - Master Abrasives kicks off sponsorship of Daventry Town FC

Master Abrasives, a global provider of manufacturing consumables and capital equipment for industry, are pleased to announce they will be sponsoring Daventry Town Football Club (DTFC) from the start of this season to support the local community.  

Master Abrasives' Banner at Daventry Town Football Club

Paul Batson, Managing Director of Master Abrasives, commented: “We’ve been looking for new ways to give back to the local community and are delighted to have found a new partner in our local team at DTFC. The club is community run and does so much for families, supporting young people in sport and arranging a local food bank – they really are more than a football club and we’re proud to be one of their sponsors.”

DTFC’s team operates a Community Food Bank and identifies individuals in need in collaboration with local community support groups. They also have a thriving junior section with over 40 teams allowing children, both male and female, to play in safety from 4-18 years old.

Paul continued: “We’re thrilled about the opportunity to work with the club and wish them every success this season. Together, we can foster a strong spirit of community whilst building our brand and social media presence. It’s exciting to demonstrate our commitment to community in such an extensive way and imagine the new opportunities this exposure will bring.”

Mike Doney, Juniors Coach and Commercial contact for DTFC, added: “We are so grateful for the wonderful support from the team at Master Abrasives. I am really chuffed that so many companies are so kindly supporting us and aligning not just to football, but the community – it’s so rewarding to see. Master Abrasives are a massive contributor to this success.”

The partnership involves featuring two pitch-side boards at the grounds in Daventry, where Master Abrasives encourages spectators to “go for the final finish” or “achieve your grinding goal” with their team. On top of this, Master has supported the recent family fun day organised by DTFC, providing prizes for the tombola. The team will continue to look out for more ways to work together and achieve their targets, supporting the work that DTFC does. Finally, we wish DTFC (on and off the pitch) all the best for the coming season.  

Achieve your grinding goal banner at DTFC

29.06.2023 - Cengar Price increase July 2023

Please be advised that Cengar Ltd will implement a price increase, effective 1st July 2023. Please see the below summary of changes:-

     Saws- 5%

     Blades – 5%

     Spare parts- 5%

     Oil- 0%

In line with our normal policy, this branded partner price increase will be applied separately to our general price increase. 

Please contact us for the upcoming prices of your regular Cengar items or if you have any questions. 

01.06.2023 - Master Abrasives becomes an authorised Supfina distributor

Midlands-based Master Abrasives has recently been appointed as the authorised representative in the UK and Ireland for Supfina, Germany’s Innovation Leader in superfinishing and grinding machines.

Supfina & Master Abrasives team photo

No matter the tolerance or requirements, Supfina has decades of process know-how and machine tool building experience to meet high-precision needs and improve efficiency and profitability. Together with Master Abrasives’ decades of experience in precision applications, this strong team of experts will provide some outstanding solutions. 

Ian Meredith, Master Abrasives’ Applications Engineering Manager, explains: “Whether it’s low-volume attachments or complete machining solutions with automation, we will work together with customers to review the existing production structure and meet any improvement requirements. This includes solutions from Supfina for superfinishing, precision grinding, attachments and automation through the use of robotics, with options from stand-alone machines to complete production line. To complete the package, machines retrofit, update and servicing can be undertaken.”

Supfina machinery application

Supfina’s efficient industry solutions are created with a combination of lateral thinking and experience from a wide range of industries, including automotive, roller bearings, aerospace, medical and many more. Additionally, the company is doing their part to protect the environment and thanks to a solar powered system installed in 2021, has already saved tremendous amounts of CO2 emissions.

Contact Master Abrasives’ team for more information on Supfina machinery and automation and to assess your application requirements with professionals:

30.05.2023 - Master Abrasives’ new Vitrified CBN range meets exacting geometrical tolerances economically

Master Abrasives is now offering a complete range of vitrified CBN products under their own brand, Master®. The company continues to develop a complete abrasive solution package by developing a full portfolio of abrasive products as well as working with named premium brands.  

Master SuperabrasivesThe new range of Master vitrified CBN products are offered from 1mm up to large surface and cylindrical vitrified CBN grinding wheels.  The internal range of vitrified CBN wheels can be supplied on threaded shanks, plain shank in steel or carbide and plain bore mounted CBN wheels.  This range competes at the highest level in a niche market and productivity can be improved with Master products at a much lower cost.

Master Abrasives’ solution is not only offering a premium quality product, but also supported by first class application engineers with a long history of engineering experience. Their commercial level experience confirms that top quality does not have to come at a premium price but is offered at a fair one.  The range utilises the latest technology with CBN crystals sourced from around the world, blended and mixed into vitrified bonds that have been developed in house, to ensure it’s a step above the competition.  

Master Abrasives can also offer auxiliary products so that the engineered solution can be fully implemented with items such as the correctly designed carbide quills, dressing tools and systems.  

Producing accurate small bores to exacting geometrical tolerance is not easy and requires abrasive products of the highest quality, which Master can offer at a rate that will ensure maximum productivity is achieved.

Contact Master Abrasives’ team for more information and to assess your application requirements with professionals:

31.03.2023 - Master Abrasives offers cost-savings with new MVK Line

MVK micromotorMidlands-based Master Abrasives is offering to demonstrate potential time and cost-savings with the introduction of the innovative MVK-Line range – sophisticated electrically operated micromotors and battery powered hand-pieces for the deburring, finishing, and polishing of components for numerous of industrial sectors, from aero engine manufacture to the medical sector.

MVK-line GmbH develops and produces precision spindles and controllers designed with sophisticated technology, reliability and ergonomic design. Powerful control units with a user-friendly system interface displaying everything at a glance are combined with cleverly designed tools that allow the finest jobs to be completed effortlessly. MVK tools have been an essential part of the aerospace industry for many well-known customers since their introduction in 2004.

Application Benefits

With MVK’s systems, one handpiece can replace numerous air tools and if required has the capability to be programmed for up to six ideal speed settings for consumables such as mounted points and carbide burrs. This is a great timesaver and safety advantage for manufacturers, as well as a cost-saving on the number of tools needed for different applications. 

Other application benefits include:

  • Smoother running for impressive finishes with significantly reduced chatter on the work piece.
  • Increased torque to comparable pneumatic power tools.
  • Safer for operators thanks to extremely low vibration and noise levels.
  • Cleaner work area due to the elimination of oil used with airlines (which can contaminate the work piece/area).

Cost Savings in Power and Maintenance

A unique selling point for these systems is their cost savings. These powerful electric tools are significantly cheaper to run than their pneumatic equivalents, potentially saving companies a fortune on power costs. For example, the AL-1 battery deburrer reduces energy costs by up to 90% compared to compressed air powered tools, while CO2 emissions are reduced to 1/3 and performance is increased enormously in the process.

In addition, with less components in the tool, manufacturers can make significant savings on any parts needing replacement compared with the cost of repairing pneumatic tools, not to mention the reduction in maintenance requirements thanks to their long lifetime and high-quality German manufacturing. 

The MVK process also eliminates the risk of dirt or water filling airlines and causing damage to pneumatic tools, which can be costly to repair and time-consuming to rectify whilst putting jobs on hold and the workforce out of action. 

MVK team training Master Tool Services' team

If an MVK tool does need repairing in the UK, Master Tool Services department can offer a reliable service and have been fully trained to carry out repairs on these spindles. Thomas Lange, MVK’s Service & Repair expert, gave the team all the training they need to become repair agents on his visit to Master Abrasives, and spare parts are readily available. The MVK warranty covers tools for 2 years, except for the usual wear parts such as collets and ball bearings.

Andy Wright, Master Abrasives’ National Sales and Business Development Manager, enthused: “This power tool enables consumables to be run at their optimum speed with increased torque to maximise the abrasive consumables’ performance; and testing shows the vibration and noise levels to be lower than the pneumatic equivalents. The fact that one hand piece with its variable speed can replace numerous air tools and with the potential for longer intervals between servicing will offer customers cost downs on both new equipment and service costs. Not to mention the energy savings as this equipment will potentially have significantly lower energy costs compared to compressed air systems. During recent trials at a leading UK aerospace company, the equipment was described by them to me as a ‘game changer’, and I believe they are right”. 

With a wide variety of industries that will hugely benefit from this partnership and improving manufacturing efficiency, it’s the perfect time to be able to provide a vast and extended range of high-quality power tool solutions.  

Contact Master Abrasives’ team for a comprehensive range of abrasives and to assess your application requirements with professionals:

29.03.2023 - Master Abrasives becomes an authorised UVA distributor

UVA OD Precision Grinding Machine Midlands-based Master Abrasives has recently been appointed as the UVA LIDKÖPING AB authorised representative in the UK and Ireland, a worldwide leading global supplier of high-precision grinding machines. 

“As their current UK representative retires, the opportunity for Master and UVA to form a partnership seemed an ideal scenario,” stated Ian Meredith, Master’s Applications Engineering Manager. “Having installed more than 10,000 machines around the world over 120 years, they continually make innovative improvements to provide accuracy, efficiency and reliability in applications within the fuel injection industry, bearing and other high precision grinding application areas.” 

With a wide variety of industries that will hugely benefit from these partnerships and improving manufacturing efficiency, it’s the perfect time to provide more cost-effective solutions. Master Abrasives can also now help companies to refurbish and maintain their UVA machinery, offering to restore grinding machines to their precise state as if they were new. This will help to improve machine reliability, increase production output, quality and optimise the precision of the grinding machine. 

UVA customers are found among fuel injection technologies and other industries where the demands for productivity, precision and rational production methods are exceptional. Their machines are suitable for grinding workpieces with dimensions between 0.5mm - 160mm.

Sister brand, LIDKÖPING, offers solutions for customers in the bearing and automotive industry, where the highly automated manufacturing processes place great demands on productivity, precision and cost efficiency. The wide range of high precision grinding machines is suitable for workpieces with dimensions between 5mm - 820mm combined with several grinding processes.

Contact Master Abrasives’ team for more information on UVA precision machinery and repairs to assess your application requirements with professionals:

21.03.2023 - 3M UK and 3M GCS Price Increase April 2023

Please be advised that both 3M United Kingdom PLC and 3M Global Channel Services, Inc. (GCS)  will implement price increases, effective 1st April 2023. The overall impact of the increase will vary depending on your product mix. 

In line with our normal policy, this branded partner price increase will be applied separately to our general price increase. 

Please contact us for the upcoming prices of your regular 3M items or if you have any questions. 

09.03.2023 - Chicago Pneumatic Product Price Increase March 2023

We would like to inform you that Chicago Pneumatic is increasing their prices. The prices of some of their products are increasing from 15th March 2023. Please view the below price increase letter for further details.

In line with our normal policy, this branded partner price increase will be applied separately to our general price increase. 

Please contact us if you would like any further information.


28.02.2023 - 2023 Price List now available

Download the new 2023 price list for our general range of abrasives following our pricing increase of 5%, effective on 1st March 2023.

Please contact the customer service team with any enquiries or to find out your potential distributor discount.

Any partner price increases will be applied separately.

02.02.2023 - The solution for grinding accuracy through machine spindle repairs

Thanks to its new partnership with KW Abrichttec GmbH, Master Abrasives can now offer more complete solutions for grinding applications and services to other processes, such as milling, alongside its established range of reliable, high-quality precision engineered dressing tools. The company now offers bespoke machine spindles for grinding and dressing, high-quality spindle repair services and unique systems for diamond roller mounting.

Any machine tool is only as good as the sum of its constituent parts: the accuracy, design and integration of those parts produces the tolerances, productivity and consistency required of any process - particularly grinding. The secret is to ensure these parts are maintained and serviced to the highest standard for an accurate, long life. One of the key parts of any machine tool is the main spindle and Master Abrasives’ partnership with KW can offer machine tool owners and users a service and repair facility of the highest quality.  

Spindle Repairs

The process begins with the spindles being returned to KW headquarters where they are stripped and cleaned for a full assessment of what exactly is required to bring the spindle back to its former glory. A fully detailed itemised quote is then presented to the customer so there is complete clarity on what work needs to be carried out, what parts need replacing and the cost of this work. Once accepted, the KW team begin the precise work of bringing the spindle back to an “as good as new” condition.  

Whilst Master Abrasives is well known for its abrasives offering and will offer support to their extensive customer base in the grinding field, KW can also repair milling and machine centre spindles. Master and its team are happy to support this work and see this as another opportunity with their key partners to offer a “solution for industry”. 

Paul Batson, our Managing Director, commented: “The relationship between our two companies is a perfect fit, allowing us to offer high-quality dressing spindles and a complete spindle repair service for any spindle, not just grinding spindles - this complementing our Master range of abrasives as well as our own range of dressing products. Our applications engineering team is looking forward to working with customers on their processes to improve productivity and spindle longevity. 

“I'm also very pleased to add we will be representing KW Spindles in Poland via our sister company. Slawomir Klisiewicz, our National Sales Manager for Master Abrasives Polska, has already received the training required to support Polish customers with machine spindle and repair service queries.”

Master will be able to offer new spindle products and services to the UK, Ireland, Poland and Mexico with this new partnership. 

10.01.2023 - Master Abrasives announces two new partnerships

Master Abrasives has announced two new partnerships at the start of 2023 which will bring new opportunities to further enhance their product offering: MVK-line GmbH power tools and UVA LIDKÖPING AB grinding machines. 

MVK-line GmbH power tools are an exciting addition to Master Abrasives’ range, offering potential energy savings

MVK-line GmbH develops and produces precision spindles and controllers, their equipment is designed and built with sophisticated technology, reliability and ergonomic design. Their tools have been an essential part of the aerospace industry for many well-known customers since 2006 in areas such as engine technology. The Airliner-ONE deburrer, for example, was developed in Germany in close cooperation with the aerospace industry to guarantee clean ground points, as well as deburring small holes in the aircraft with ultimate flexibility, being lightweight and battery powered.  They have already visited the UK and carried out training, assessed Master’s tool service department to become a repair facility and made joint customer visits.  

Andy Wright, Master Abrasives’ National Sales and Business Development Manager, stated: “this is a really exciting addition to our portfolio that will allow us to offer customers a fully supported, high-quality precision spindles for various applications and also offer potential energy savings over pneumatic tools. Anyone wanting a demonstration should contact us.” 

UVA LIDKÖPING AB is a worldwide leading global supplier of high-precision grinding machines with a main manufacturing unit and headquarters in Lidköping, Sweden.

As their current UK representative retires, Master and UVA have taken the opportunity to form a partnership to offer leading high-precision grinding machines

“As their current UK representative retires, the opportunity for Master and UVA to form a partnership seemed an ideal scenario,” stated Ian Meredith, Master’s Machine Tool Division Manager. “Having installed more than 10,000 machines around the world over 120 years, they continually make innovative improvements to provide accuracy, efficiency and reliability in applications within the fuel injection industry, bearing and other high precision grinding application areas.” 

With a wide variety of industries that will hugely benefit from these partnerships and improving manufacturing efficiency, it’s the perfect time to provide more cost-effective solutions.  

Contact Master Abrasives’ team for a comprehensive range of abrasives, tools and machinery and to assess your application requirements with professionals:

05.01.2023 - Master Abrasives thanks its partners after a decade of independence

Having recently celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary of being an independent, UK-owned abrasive company, Master Abrasives’ team is starting the year thankful grateful for the part that suppliers have played in the company’s success story so far.

In the same way that Master Abrasives invested to build on rapid growth in it’s early years, the company has kept expanding its product portfolio to include a range of options for varying customer needs. It’s partners in abrasives have always supported the company’s development, meaning that Master can offer not only industry’s latest abrasive technology, but production of the highest quality abrasive belts from premium brands of raw material.

Alongside it’s consumables, Master Abrasives can offer a complete managed stock agreement via it’s partner’s vending machines. These can be used to cost-effectively dispense a wide range of industrial consumables on-site, reducing customer expenses by up to 30% and eliminating downtime.

It’s partnership with BAF also means that the company can offer safe use of abrasives training to support customer’s businesses, helping the workforce to select and use abrasives and tools correctly, reduce the risk of accidents and keep employees safe.

Since the launch of the Master Tool Services department in 2007, the team have been offering new, innovative brands of power tools to meet customer needs. Master can rely on the quality of their partners’ tools and their ongoing support to offer the key tool services and repair required by hundreds of companies in the UK.  Customers can also keep tools in top condition with managed maintenance and protect employees against ill-health from Hand Arm Vibration.

After Master became an independent, UK-owned company, being purchased by the current owners, their own brand was officially launched and in 2016, the Master® trademark was registered in the UK and EU. This brand has been worked on by Master Abrasives technical team for years and improvements are continually made on consumables that are technically capable and marketable globally. With products from mounted points to precision grinding wheels, the brand fits excellently alongside so many of Master Abrasives’ key partners in abrasives, power tools and machinery.

In 2016, Master Abrasives final piece of the puzzle, machinery and equipment, was set up as a business unit. The company’s goal is to offer a complete grinding solution at cost-effective prices, from abrasive tape superfinishing attachments to high-precision surface grinders. It’s partners in this category support Master in offering related products such as vibratory mass finishing machines, superfinishing spindles, metrology equipment and auxiliary equipment like coolant nozzles. The company has been able to exhibit it’s array of machinery solutions to industry at manufacturing’s most prestigious events.

Paul Batson and Kapil DhandPaul Batson, Master Abrasives Managing Director for the past nine years, commented, “we have gone through a lot of changes to become a strong, independent abrasive company with a solid brand identity and couldn’t have done it without the support of our partners. To mention them all wouldn’t be possible, but I believe that their support has helped us to achieve a marketing orientated approach to running a business - listening to customers and engaging with them to work together on a solution or improvement in their productivity.”

Some fifty-five years after its formation, Master Abrasives is celebrating a great milestone in their history: ten years of being an independent company in control of its own business future. The fact that Master is still thriving and looking for new opportunities is testament to the company’s resilience and foresight as well as the quality of its dedicated workforce and management team. Master continues to look forward with optimism to maintain it’s reputation for excellent customer service, high-quality products, engineering support and technical development.