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08.08.2019 - Master Abrasives installs its first vending machines at Deritend

Master Abrasives has installed its first vending machines following its new partnership with Polish manufacturer ASD Systems.

Deritend rotary drum vending machine set up

Two rotary drum D1080 vending machines have been installed at Doncasters Precision Castings Deritend in Droitwich for their consumable abrasive products such as burrs, mounted points and belts, all supplied by Master Abrasives. The company is a world leader in producing investment cast and engine ready, machined, industrial gas turbine blades in nickel and cobalt based superalloys. Committed to continuous improvement through lean manufacturing and rapid prototyping, Deritend is a world leader in offering specialist capabilities to the industrial gas turbine market.

The vending machines by ASD Systems provide 24/7 secure access to inventory using login and pin, RFID, barcode, magnetic reader or QR code. This system gives management more control over withdrawals and accessibility of a wide range of industrial items including consumables, personal protective equipment and tools, but Master focuses their vending solutions on the control of abrasive consumables.

The Master vendor managed solution appealed to Deritend for its array of business benefits. Andy Wright, Business Development & Sales Manager from Master Abrasives, explains: “Vending machines are an excellent way to improve stock management and productivity in industrial settings by reducing the time it takes staff to locate and withdraw consumables. The software provided gives managers transparency on what items are used and by whom, resulting in accurate control and reductions in the usage of consumable products. The process of vending benefits companies even further, giving them an audit trail of the issued items and ensuring only approved equipment and tools are accessed to be used for the correct application, resulting in less scrap and approved parts being produced by approved methods.”

Many other manufacturers are seeing the benefits of investing in industrial stock solutions and are in the process of discussing their requirements with Master Abrasives.

The vending machines are provided by Master Abrasives along with machine installation and set up, training and the option of a complete vendor managed stock agreement involving the supply of the consumables as part of a managed contract with restocking as required. ASD Systems machines can be connected to the internet to produce reports and send automatic emails with the number of items used and information required for restocking machines. The software can also be accessed for real-time data on usage per employee, product, or other filters.

For further details on how Master vending solutions can help reduce inventory costs and save time, visit Master Abrasives website or speak to your local representative who can arrange a demonstration of vending machines in operation and of the software offered.

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